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This mould size:

Length:  70 mm

Width : 70mm

Height: 25mm. (Adding more or less mix to the mould can make thicker or thinner bath bombs.)

Bomb weight: 100g

*Bath Bombs are not included

Are you just starting out or don’t want to spend loads of money on a bath bomb press? Here’s your solution, a hand plunger press mould that comes in a selection of desirable shapes that we will be regularly adding to.

Makes batch-making fast and efficient and you can quickly use your mix before it dries. You can add the desired amount of your mix to your mould to make a heavier or lighter bath bomb!

You can also easily make all your bombs a standard size by placing the mould onto your scale and adding the right weight of mix before pressing, no more guess work!

This mould consists of 3 pieces – a bottom and a top puck and an outer shell sleeve. They are designed to be used easily by hand without any expensive press required.

Using a plunger mould

Take the outer shell sleeve and place one of the pucks inside the shell sleeve with the flat side down.

Fill the mould lightly (do not pack the mix) to the top of the shell sleeve, or desired weight. (A good tip here is to mound the top of the mix).

Place the other puck flat side up (facing you) into the shell and press down firmly to pack the mix.

Slide the outer shell sleeve off and lightly tap all round and on the top and bottom to assist in loosening the bomb.

Gently lift the top puck off, turn over and gently lift the other puck off.
Allow to dry and decorate as you wish.

About our moulds

Our moulds are cast in polyurethane. This makes for easy release and they are hard wearing and not easily susceptible to heat or water damage. There may be some slight discolouration, sanding scratches or defect but this will not affect the performance of the mould or the outcome of the bath bomb! If you find it necessary in time to sand the mould, polyurethane is easily sanded and will not melt.

Polyurethane is easily wiped clean and so minimal cleaning is required and should you need to, it is always advisable to wipe or hand wash the moulds in mild soapy water and not in hot water or a dishwasher and dry them straight away.

We do not cancel orders, accept returns or issue refunds. However, if you receive an item damaged, you should contact us immediately for replacement information.

Colours may vary.

Waffle Mould




Reviews & Ratings

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for Waffle

  1. devogelrie (verified owner)

    Great mould to work with. I found my mix to be a bit dry at some stage and the corners broke, but that is not the moulds fault, it was my mix. Tried again and came out perfectly! They look amazing with a splash of Glitter on top.

  2. Megan (verified owner)

    I’m hooked on this awesome waffle bombs now… My customers love them!

  3. Lindsey Heydenrych (verified owner)

    Cutest little waffle EVER!

  4. Taegen Lumby (verified owner)

    This is such an easy mould to use and my gosh, they are so cute. Easy to unmould.

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