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Cat Sprinkles



Sprinkle Mould Cutters are the simple way to rapidly make beautiful decorations for your bath bombs or soaps.

They work perfectly on most forms of craft doh like bubble doh or soap doh.

Each mould has 3 pieces: a cutter, a release plate and a pusher.


To Use:
1. Roll out your bubble or soap doh to the desired thickness, place the release plate on the cutter and press into the doh, cutting the shape.
2. Remove the release plate, which will then automatically remove all the excess doh(for reuse)
3. Insert the pusher to push out all your shapes and leave to dry.


Sprinkle Mould Cutters are available in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large:

Small size makes 25, approx. 7 mm shapes (5×5)
Medium size makes 25, approx. 11 mm shapes (5×5)
Large size makes 16, approx.  15 mm shapes (4×4)


About our moulds

Sprinkle Mould Cutters are 3D printed in PLA, do not immerse in water as PLA can absorb water which will activate your product. Simply clean by using a damp cloth.
PLA is susceptible to heat so do not place near a heat source or in the sun.

3D printed Sprinkles are made to order, there will be a lead time of 3-5 days from order to shipping.

We do not cancel orders, accept returns or issue refunds. However, if you receive an item damaged, you should contact us immediately for replacement information.

Colours may vary.

Cat Sprinkles





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